About us

We are Sweden’s largest company in the production of exhibition stands, complete exhibitions and large-scale corporate events. We also produce interiors and graphics for permanent environments.

All of our projects have one thing in common: Strict deadlines with no margin for error. We need to deliver the right thing at the right time. Events, fairs and grand openings simply cannot be postponed. When our client’s clients arrive on site, everything must be right.

We therefore place great emphasis on our technical know-how and on having full control of the production supply chain. We have our own carpentry, our own graphics workshop, and our own installation staff, to ensure that projects run smoothly.

It is our ambition to cultivate long-term relationships with our clients, where we help develop concepts that are re-usable, that provide continuity and that facilitate planning.

This focus on the long term also permeates our ownership structure and our corporate culture. All of our shareholders are active employees at various positions in the company, ensuring that the focus is not on quarterly reports, but on how we can bring long-term value to our clients. A very low employee turnover helps make sure we retain our know-how. In short, we are geared towards being a reliable supplier for our clients. 


At present we are 80 employees. Our turnover varies from year to year but has since 2010 been at an average of 130 million SEK.

Our facilities include 6000 sqm production and office space and a 5200 sqm warehouse. Click here for contact details.

VAT registration number SE556455139701.


We are aware of the often high environmental impact of the exhibition industry. We therefore take measures to develop solutions that are beneficial for our clients and the environment alike. The strategies employed are designing for maximum re-utilization and trying to keep transports at a minimum.

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