Few marketing tools can impact your clients as thoroughly as a well performed event. We are proud of the many exciting and effective events we help our clients realize every year. From internal conferences to sports sponsoring, test drives, press events and product launches.

Welcome to anywhere

Conference centres and other purpose-built event venues may be practical. However, the most memorable events are often those held in unexpected environments. We have ample experience in transforming all kinds of venues into spaces that suit our clients’ needs. For example. unused factory halls can be transformed into very effective venues. 

We are also experts in transforming standard event pavilions into highly customized event venues, as seen in our current Volvo Ocean Race engagement.

Shipping containers are often an excellent choice to create mobile and reusable event venues. Have a look at some of the event containers we have built for our clients.

Events are forever

It is not in visitors’ minds and word-of-mouth that an event can live on. If you take the opportunity to film your stage program, you can make use of it for web or internal diffusion. To seize the moment, make sure that you have the right scenography and plan for cameras.

Technology’s finest hour

Events are the best stage on which to flex your technical muscles. In a physical environment, with the full attention of your visitors, you can create truly interactive experiences that go beyond the web or apps. We have had the pleasure of realizing many exciting projects spanning the digital and physical realm, in cooperation with creative agencies and tech specialists. Together with Valentin & Byhr and Obscura Digital, we received a bronze medal at EventTech 2013 in Las Vegas, in the BEST COMBINATION OF EVENT TECHNOLOGIES (B-TO-B) category, for our work in the launch of UD Trucks’ Quester.

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EVENT references

During 2012 and 2013 we have had the pleasure of working with events for:
Business Region Göteborg, Knock, PS Communication, UD Trucks, Volvo Car Corporation, Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Ocean Race Organization, Volvo Trucks

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