beMatrix Modular Stands

BeMatrix is a smart system that makes it easy to work with prints covering the entire walls. The printed wall panels can be taken down and re-used for the next show. We now offer rental of beMatrix stands starting at 1250 SEK/m2. More information on prices below. 

Printade väggar beMatrix

Rent beMatrix modular stands

We offer rental stands in two different wall heights: the standard wall height of 2,5 meters or, for those who really want to be seen, 4 meters.

Our base price is calculated using the stand area in m2. For shows at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg, our base price is:

  • Rental stand with 2,5 m high walls: 1250 SEK/m2
  • Rental stand with 4 m high walls: 1750 SEK/m2

Note that in order to build 4 m high it is required to get the approval of the stand neighbors and to pay a small fee to the organizer.

The prices above apply to the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg. For other locations than the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, we will make a quotation, contact us.  

What is included?

The base price includes rental, transportation, installation and dismantling of the following material:

  • carpet
  • walls in the selected height, with white panels
  • storage room with door, furnished with storage shelf
  • lighting

We also include the fees from the organizer for the electricity supply needed for the lighting we install, as well as for other normal consumption (laptops, phone chargers, etc.).

We also include the fees from the organizer for loading/unloading and storage of empties for our material, as long as it is the Swedish Exhibition's regular fee that applies. For some exhibitions arranged by external organizers the fees are higher and we will need to accomodate for this.

Print on walls

Each meter of wall consists of a 2,5 m high panel and, in case the chosen wall height is 4 m, an additional top panel of height 1,5 m. The price for a fully printed panel in 3 mm thick Forex (expanded PVC with semi-matte surface):

  • Panel 1 m x 2,5 m: 1500 SEK
  • Top panel 1 m x 1,5 m: 1000 SEK

For other graphic products, contact us for price. Examples of products that we supply: 

  • Logo stickers to put on counters or podiums
  • Fabric banners
  • Signs
  • Roll-ups

Print storage

Reusing prints is good for both the enviroment and your wallet. We can store your prints until the next exhibition for a price of 1000 SEK/year for all of your panels.


We have a large variety of rental furniture. Listed here are the most popular options. All prices apply to the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg. If you have other requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us

Information/bar counters

The counters in our LISSABON series are easily combined to any length. There are straight modules and curves modules which form a 90 degree corner. This way, you can create beautiful counters with, for example, an L-shape or U-shape (see the example image).

  • Straight module 100 cm: 2500 SEK/each
  • Straight module 50 cm: 1500 SEK/each
  • Curved module 90 degrees: 2500 SEK/each

The counters in our FRANKFURT series are a little wider and the curved counters have a lighter curving. They are perfect for standing by themselves or two together.

  • Straight counter, 120 cm: 2500 SEK
  • Straight counter, 120 cm - with sink: 2500 SEK
  • Curved counter, aprox. 120 cm: 2500 SEK

The straight counters are also available in black. Of course, all of our counters can be foiled in any colour, at a fee. We can also put your logo on the front.

Table & chair sets

Our table & chair sets consist of a tables with chromed feet (X-BONE from Johanson Design), the chairs STING from Blå Station or PATRIK from IKEA, and the bar chairs PLEKTRUM from Materia. 

  • Bar table + 3 bar chairs: 1500 SEK
  • Table  + 3 chairs: 1500 SEK

Rental of individual tables and chairs is 400 SEK/each.

Podiums and shelves for your products and exhibits

What products do you need to display? We have all many options to help you exhibit your products in the best possible way. We have ready to rent out: 

  • Recessed shelf for products/brochures, 80 cm x 200 cm, with adjustable shelves: 2500 SEK
  • Product podium 50 x 50 x 100 cm, white lacquered: 500 SEK

We can also produce all kinds of solutions tailored to your products, from simple podiums in your specific measurements to advanced product displays.

Raised floor

If you want to lift your stand with a raised floor, we have several solutions. You can upgrade from carpet to our raised floor system with a glossy white laminate surface or oak laminate - prices from 400 SEK/m2.

Do you need a tailored solution?

Our rental stands are adaptable to most brands and needs. But if your are looking for something unique, we are pleased to make it happen. With a large carpentry and our own graphic studio we can realize all your visions. And if you aim upwards, we have material to build two-storey stands. Talk with us! 

Examples of rental stands

The examples below are extra equipped with counters, a recessed shelf and a set of table and chairs.

Example with 4 m high walls.  Stand area 8 m x 4 m = 32 m2. Base price: 56 000 SEK. Options: prints for 20 000 SEK and furniture for 9 000 SEK.

Example with a 2,5 m high walls.  Stand area 8 m x 4 m = 32 m2. Base price: 40 000 SEK. Options: prints for 18 000 SEK and furniture for 9 000 SEK.

Pictures of rental furniture

Below are pictures of our most popular furniture, but we have more furniture and accessories available on demand. Contact us and tell us about your requirements. 

Counter model LISSABON. Shown below is one of many possible combinations: a curved module + a straight module 100 cm wide. The top shown is in grey CORIAN but it is also available in walnut veneer.

Informationsdisk LISSABON med CORIAN-topp

Power to the people! Our straight counters of the model LISSABON have just been upgraded with stylish and integrated electrical sockets on the inside workspace: 2 x 220V + 2 x USB. Handy for your laptops and phones.

Counter model FRANKFURT. A curved module which is 120 cm wide. We also have straight modules 120 cm wide. The counters are white with top in oak or black with top in shiny black plexiglass.

Seating set with chair STING from Blå Station and table X-BONE from Johanson Design.

Seating set with chair PATRIK from IKEA and table X-BONE from Johanson Design.

Set with bar table X-BONE from Johanson Design and bar chairs PLEKTRUM from Materia. The bar chairs are available in black, beige leather and grey fabric.

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